SELF Drop10 Detox: Day 3

My eats for the day on the SELF Drop10 Detox.


Breakfast: Coconut-Almond Smoothie

This was pretty tasty! The chia seeds made it thick, which made it seem a little heartier. I hate that I can’t taste the almond butter though…I haven’t been able to in any of the smoothies that have called for them. I suppose they’re function is just to add fat? As much as I love nut butters, it just seems like bit of  waste. Overall, the flavors in the smoothie were nice. The banana and cocoa really came out and the addition of the coconut added some nice texture. I would make this again, but would take out the almond butter.

Lunch: Sesame-Kale Noodle Salad

Repeat of yesterday. This plan provides 7 different lunches, but good gawd, but fridge is getting full with all of the containers of 1/2 used stuff I’m filling it with. Plus, I really enjoyed this yesterday and it was easy to throw together. However, i did change the dressing. I wasn’t loving the avocado-miso thing, so I made a spicy peanut dressing. I combined peanut butter, sriracha, soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar and a touch of honey. Much better.

Dinner: Eggplant Parmesan

SELF Detox D3 dinner

I can’t believe a dish like this is included on a “detox” plan. It. Was. AMAZING. Blew my skirt right up. For the sauce, I did add more garlic and seasoning that the recipe called for. What can I say? I like some spice. And for the record, I was in the habit of buying Trader Joe’s oh-so-convenient minced garlic, but after using fresh garlic (smashed in a press), we may have to break up. I had forgotten how pungent and spicy fresh garlic is! SO GOOD.

Snack 1 & 2 – Egg on Wasa. I had to work late and didn’t want to cart a cucumber and cream cheese with me. But the egg is pretty darn good.

Exercise – stretches

Drop10 Detox: Day 2

Happy Mid-Term Election Day! Even though we don’t have representation in Congress, here in DC we still voted for Mayor, various council seats and a new Proposition. Anything election related is always a big day in DC! Hope everyone got out there to fulfill their civic duty.

Back to my SELF Drop10 Detox! It’s day 2 and I’m feeling good!

Deets for the day:

Breakfast: Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Didn’t love this. Though to be fair, I don’t think my blender was strong enough to completely pulverize the carrot, so there were still little chunks remaining. Also, I may have added too much carrot…I only had baby carrots on hand, so likely put in too much.It was very carrot-y, not so orange-y. Though, also too be fair, I only added an orange, not the juice or the zest..okay, so basically I screwed up the entire recipe and it’s not fair to judge it on my …alterations.

Lunch: Sesame- Kale Noodle Salad

SELF Detox D2 lunch1

This was really tasty. I forgot how much I like Japanese buckwheat noodles. I think the last time I had them was in Japan, where they’re often served cold in the summer with a dipping sauce. The combo of the noodles, edamame and kale was very hearty and filling. I didn’t love the dressing however… too salty and I assume the avocado was added for creaminess, which I don’t think was needed.

Dinner – Veggie Tacos

Holy cow, this was good. And HUGE! Though I did probably end up with waaay more veggies than were intended…but honestly, I don’t need 1/2 a pepper and 1/2 a zucchini hanging around. So, in they all went. For the tortillas, I tried the Tortillaland Fresh Corn Tortillas, which are “raw” and you heat up yourself. These were great! I’ve typically found the store bought corn tortillas to be pretty dry, but these were perfect and tasted very fresh. I also loved the mango salsa in this recipe (I also added some red chili flakes, I would’ve added diced jalepeno if I had it, for some kick). Overall this recipe was a winner. The sweetness of the salsa balanced out the smokiness of the veggies very nicely. I can see this being added to the regular rotation.

Snack – Wasa with vegannaise, sliced hb egg and paprika

Snack – Wasa with cream cheese, sliced cucumber and red pepper flakes

SELF Detox D2 Snack2

Exercise – 60 minute elliptical and stretches. I watched Chopped while doing the elliptical, which is my favorite way to get in 60 minutes. Though, it sure does make you hungry…

I also caught up on Dancing With the Stars! I just love this show. I want to become a ‘z-list’ celebrity so I can go on it. I loved the theme of famous duos! I don’t think that had been done before, which was refreshing! Everyone did great, but I’m rooting for Alfonso, Bethany and Janel!

Drop10 Detox: Day 1

Happy November!

To ready myself for the Holiday gluttony, I decided to do SELF magazine’s Drop10 Detox. I like it I’m just told what to do and where to go and don’t have to put a lot of thought into this, yet know that what I’ll be eating and doing is healthy. I’m a longtime Self subscriber and they offer little plans like this quite often, but this is my first time doing it. Here we go!

What I like about this program is that even though it’s called a ‘detox’, I think it’s being used in a pretty loose interpretation here. Basically, this is just a clean eating, vegetarian plan, with the ‘detox’ part coming in the exercise component. Normally Self’s programs have an added exercise plan that includes cardio, weights, etc. For this one, you’re encouraged to lay off the intense exercise and just do 3 30-60 minutes “light” workouts (definitions of light may vary…I don’t consider jogging for an hour a “light” workout) along with daily yoga moves. For someone who aspires to be a runner just cause I live in a city full of ’em…well, and because it’s cheap and accessible, (yet actually need to get off my lazy ass and do it regularly), this seems pretty doable. They give you daily meal plans, a shopping list, exercise sheet, the works. The painful part came when I went grocery shopping. Ouch. They did a great job creating a varied menu, but if you do it by the book, you end up buying a lot of stuff that you’ll only use a portion of. I sucked it up and bought it all, including an entire package of Medjool dates even though only 1 is required. Gah. But…If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this.

Day 1

Breakfast – Blueberry Protein Smoothie

SELF Detox D1 breakfast

Wow, this was good. I don’t usually put greek yogurt in my smoothies (just almond milk), and I think I’ve been missing out. Filling and delicious.

Lunch – Pad Thai Salad

SELF Detox D1 lunch

This was a really tasty salad. Didn’t really taste like pad thai, but I’m obsessed with chickpeas and peanut butter, so anything that incorporates both is a winner in my book. I would definitely make this again, but with the following substitutions – fish sauce instead of soy sauce for a more authentic flavor, and less water (it was waaaay too liquidy).

Dinner – Chipotle Coleslaw Veggie Burger

(Sorry, no photo. I scarfed it too fast…)

I couldn’t find the Amy’s Bistro Burgers, so I subbed the Trader Joe’s veggie burgers. Not a direct swap since the TJ burger has more calories and uses oats instead of rice. It was crazy good though. Also, for my “whole wheat bun” I uses a mini whole wheat potato roll. This probably wasn’t what they mean, but it was less calories that the regular buns and had some added sweetness, which I liked.

Snack 1- Sliced hard boiled egg, tsp of mayo(I used Vegannaise because I’m OBSESSED with this stuff) and paprika on Wasa

SELF Detox D1 snack

Snack 2- Sliced cucumber, cream cheese, sea salt and red pepper flakes on Wasa

Overall, the food was seriously yum. Color me impressed.

Exercise – I did my yoga moves in the morning. It felt good to stretch, but honestly, I was a bit underwhelmed…I don’t normally stretch every day, though, so  we’ll how this goes.

Meditation – I forgot about this. Oops.

Sleep – Went to bed at 10:30, which is pretty good.