SELF Drop10Detox recap

Technically, I finished this last Sunday, but it’s been a bit of a crazy week! Overall, I really, really liked this program. It wasn’t really a weight loss program, but was just a great way to eat really clean and make sure you body is getting all the good stuff it needed. I admit that I swayed a bit from some of the meals once the weekend came. The main difficulty I found was in the planning and execution. I am a single person cooking for just me. I also work full-time and in grad school part time. So, time isn’t always on my side. The prep for some of these meals ended up  being a little more than I wanted after a long day, so I ended up repeating some of the easier ones a few times (like the veggie burger and the kale noodle salad). I’m all about deliciousness and health, but I’m also all about efficiency and ease. Also, even though this was a 7 day program, I had bought so much food that I didn’t really need to go grocery shopping again last week…or this week. Which is fine, I’m just continuing to eat from those meals.

This was a really good experience, I felt great at the end of the week. I know this is the way my body needs to eat on a more regular basis, so I’m going to try to incorporate some of these recipes into my regular rotation more often.


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