Drop10 Detox: Day 2

Happy Mid-Term Election Day! Even though we don’t have representation in Congress, here in DC we still voted for Mayor, various council seats and a new Proposition. Anything election related is always a big day in DC! Hope everyone got out there to fulfill their civic duty.

Back to my SELF Drop10 Detox! It’s day 2 and I’m feeling good!

Deets for the day:

Breakfast: Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Didn’t love this. Though to be fair, I don’t think my blender was strong enough to completely pulverize the carrot, so there were still little chunks remaining. Also, I may have added too much carrot…I only had baby carrots on hand, so likely put in too much.It was very carrot-y, not so orange-y. Though, also too be fair, I only added an orange, not the juice or the zest..okay, so basically I screwed up the entire recipe and it’s not fair to judge it on my …alterations.

Lunch: Sesame- Kale Noodle Salad

SELF Detox D2 lunch1

This was really tasty. I forgot how much I like Japanese buckwheat noodles. I think the last time I had them was in Japan, where they’re often served cold in the summer with a dipping sauce. The combo of the noodles, edamame and kale was very hearty and filling. I didn’t love the dressing however… too salty and I assume the avocado was added for creaminess, which I don’t think was needed.

Dinner – Veggie Tacos

Holy cow, this was good. And HUGE! Though I did probably end up with waaay more veggies than were intended…but honestly, I don’t need 1/2 a pepper and 1/2 a zucchini hanging around. So, in they all went. For the tortillas, I tried the Tortillaland Fresh Corn Tortillas, which are “raw” and you heat up yourself. These were great! I’ve typically found the store bought corn tortillas to be pretty dry, but these were perfect and tasted very fresh. I also loved the mango salsa in this recipe (I also added some red chili flakes, I would’ve added diced jalepeno if I had it, for some kick). Overall this recipe was a winner. The sweetness of the salsa balanced out the smokiness of the veggies very nicely. I can see this being added to the regular rotation.

Snack – Wasa with vegannaise, sliced hb egg and paprika

Snack – Wasa with cream cheese, sliced cucumber and red pepper flakes

SELF Detox D2 Snack2

Exercise – 60 minute elliptical and stretches. I watched Chopped while doing the elliptical, which is my favorite way to get in 60 minutes. Though, it sure does make you hungry…

I also caught up on Dancing With the Stars! I just love this show. I want to become a ‘z-list’ celebrity so I can go on it. I loved the theme of famous duos! I don’t think that had been done before, which was refreshing! Everyone did great, but I’m rooting for Alfonso, Bethany and Janel!


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